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Combat cellulite and excess fat with 3D Dermology treatment

3D Dermology Treatment at AestheticA

Our non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment

3D Dermology-treatment

3D Dermology is an extra feature now available within the 3D Lipomed group of treatments, and involves the automated use of a roller on the client's skin, typically around the abdomen, thighs and/or buttocks, in order to reduce cellulite. It complements the cavitation and radio-frequency treatments very well, to allow a comprehensive treatment for cellulite and fat reduction. 3D Dermology is an entirely non-invasive procedure, using vacuum suction combined with the effect of the rollers, to break down and drain the depleted fat cells through the lymphatic system.

The treatment is suitable for those that want to target certain areas of cellulite, as well as those looking to increase their blood flow, or kick-start a sluggish lymphatic system.

If you are interested in this treatment or have any other concerns, please come in for a consultation where we will go through your full medical history and discuss the options available to you.

Price information here
  • Please note, a consultation is required prior to treatment where we will fill in a health questionnaire, so please ensure you bring a list of medicines you may be taking.
  • £20 deposit must be paid to secure appointment and can be redeemed against treatment
  • Deposit will be refunded should you not be suitable for treatment

Treatment Summary

Note: All treatment results vary by individual client
Approximate procedure time:
20 minutes per session
Recovery time:
Anaesthetic applied:
None required
Prices from:
Visible after approx 8 weeks, long-lasting results
Known risks & complications:
Possible bruising, some short-term sensitivity

Amazing experience and results – in love with my new lips!!

Danni, Stafford

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