About Science in Beauty



AestheticA is a specialist medical and surgical practice offering the very latest in pioneering non-surgical, aesthetic and body treatments.

AestheticA Clinic is at the forefront when it comes to offering complex aesthetics treatments in Stafford and surrounding areas. The clinic was founded with an aim to provide safe, result driven and ethical treatments, whilst preserving and adding to the individual’s natural beauty. You can be confident that you will be treated by qualified medical professionals, whom have undertaken multiple advanced aesthetics course.

We use only the highest quality of FDA approved products within our clinic. Extensive research and trials are undertaken, studying every relevant white paper document prior to any treatments or products being used or offered within the clinic. “The Science in Beauty”.

Our clinical standards

Our policy is to ensure all clients undergoing injectable and invasive treatments are only seen by medical specialists who have comprehensive training and experience in their field. We do not believe it is good enough to have undertaken a one or two day training course in a particular treatment, and then be left alone to provide such invasive treatments to the public. An in depth understanding of the anatomy of the face, neck and body and how to avoid potential complications associated with these kind of treatments is mandatory in our view.

We ensure our expert practitioners are not only comprehensively trained on approved courses, but also continue to develop their skills with our in-house, continual professional development (CPD) program. In parallel with their CPD training, they also regularly attend national and international meetings and conferences for updates in their specialist fields.

All our practitioners are trained to minimise the risk of complications, but also, and even more importantly in our view, in how to manage any complications that may rarely occur.

We ensure our practice achieves the highest standards by ensuring:

  1. Theoretical knowledge is excellent and always up-to-date;
  2. Practical skills are practiced to achieve excellence;
  3. Informed consent is always obtained with a discussion including a no treatment or alternative option. Benefits vs risk of all treatments are provided to every client; and
  4. Amazing Customer Service. If you have queries, or if things are worrying you after a treatment, we are available to provide advice and reassurance around the clock.

Each face is unique and beautiful in its own right, so we take our time to get to know our clients during our pre-treatment consultation session. Your areas of concern are discussed openly along with personal preferences in terms of treatment choice. In our view, whatever procedure you choose, the planned results must ‘fit’ your face and must also be both necessary and beneficial to you, which is why we would always advise you where we believe this not to be the case.