Chin Cryolipolysis
A sculpted jawline, with permanent results

Chin cryolipolysis treatment involves the controlled freezing of a client's fat cells, specifically targeted at the stubborn chin and neck areas and is a way of achieving permanent fat reduction and sculpting. Fat cells are frozen at minus 6 degrees centigrade in a process which causes them to crystalise in the body. This causes the fat cells themselves to die and dissolve, whilst the body's lymphatic system ensures that these cells are naturally disposed of in the following weeks and months.

This is a fantastic, completely non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for those with stubborn chin fat that they're not able to shift by other means. The process sees the targeted areas becoming slimmer and appearing more shaped and attractive.

Chin Cryolipolysis beforeBefore
Chin Cryolipolysis afterAfter
  • Only one treatment is needed
  • Results will be fully visible after around 6 - 12 weeks (when all the old fat cells have been flushed from the body)
  • Minimal/no downtime

A consultation is required prior to treatment where we will fill in a health questionnaire, so please ensure you bring a list of medicines you may be taking. A £20 booking fee is required to secure the appointment and should you proceed with to have treatment the fee will be deducted from the final treatment cost. Please note, that should you not be suitable for treatment due to medical reasons, then the booking fee will be reimbursed.

Treatment Summary

Note: All treatment results vary by individual client
Approximate procedure time:
30 minutes
Recovery time:
Up to 48 hours
Anaesthetic applied:
Topical or local depending on specific procedure
Prices from:
Visible within approximately 6-12 weeks. Permanent effects
Known risks & complications:
Asymmetry, swelling and bruising

Great knowledge and very professional advice, would certainly recommend especially with a free consultation

Amber, Stafford

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